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What You Should Know About Skin Cancer

This large fold out display board will compliment any health promotion around sun / skin protection, the risks of skin cancer and how to spot the early signs.

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Skin Cancer Model

This skin cancer model presents both healthy skin and five different stages of malignant melanoma on the front and back, which have been enlarged to 8 times life-size for easier study. The stages presented are as follows:

  • healthy
  • malignant cells are found at the surface, within the epidermis
  • malignant cells fill the epidermis, a few invade the papillary layer
  • malignant cells fill the papillary layer
  • malignant cells invade the reticular layer
  • malignant cells have reached the subcutaneous fatty tissue, satellite cells approach a vein

  • The top view of this skin cancer model reveals external visible skin changes, allowing for an assessment according to the "ABCDE" criteria. While the side of the model features the different levels of invasion into the skin layers according to Clark (I-V) and the tumour thickness in mm according to Breslow. Included on the base are five colour illustrations of types of malignant melanomas making this model an ideal skin pathology educational tool.

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Skin Cancer Model

This anatomical skin cancer model shows the basal layer and dermal layer of the skin in cross-section detail. The skin model features three cancerous conditions and three non-cancerous conditions, as follows:

NBC (Nodular Basal Cell), 
MM (Malignant Melanoma), 
MBC (Morpheic Basal Cell)
DN (Dyplastic Nevi), 
KA (Keratoaconthoma)
AK (Actinic Keratosis) 

The Skin Cancer Model comes with a removable patient education card and base included.

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Skin Damage - Also Available in the UK (CRUK) A3

This poster warns of the dangers of skin damage in the UK and how you can enjoy the sun safely and reduce your risk of skin cancer. (2 designs)

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Skin Damage - Also Available in the UK (CRUK)

This handy postcard warns of the dangers of skin damage in the UK and how you can enjoy the sun safely and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

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