This valuable resource library available to anyone working to promote Health and Wellbeing in Stockton and is located in Redhill Children’s Centre, Redhill Road, Roseworth TS19 9BX

NEW OPENING HOURS: the library is now open Monday - Friday 9.00 - 15.00 (closed for lunch 12.30 to 13.30 daily). Please note: in addition you may collect pre-ordered items and return items via Roseworth Library daily until 16.30 (16.00 on Fridays). For your convenience you may also collect and return items at selected Branch Libraries in Stockton. Please contact the Library on 01642 526933 if you would like to select this option.

For further information please contact: Donna Hetherington on 01642 526933 or Email



Featured Resources

Puffing Poisons Smoking Display (GASP)

This is a ‘chemistry set’ with a difference. It represents the most dangerous and poisonous chemicals present in tobacco smoke. It contains a set of 23 labelled jars each containing relevant objects, liquids, and gases to represent the 4000 deadly chemicals. These include wax (stearic acid), flies (DDT), battery (cadmium), acetone (nail varnish), formaldehyde (preserved creature), sewer rat (methane). Includes an A4 ‘Puffing Poisons’ poster and a stunning display board with shelves to show off items to maximum effect. 

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Timeline of Pregnancy Poster (HealthEdco)

Taken from the popular With Child™ series, this informative, laminated 61-cm x 46-cm chart illustrates foetal development and parallel uterine growth across 40 weeks of pregnancy. Also emphasises the importance of good antenatal care by stressing that every day and every week of pregnancy counts. A great way to inspire healthy habits during pregnancy.

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Female Pelvis Section Model (AnatomyStuff)

This life-size, one piece pelvis section model illustrates the anatomical features of the female pelvis. A longitudinal section of the female pelvis enables closer study of internal structures, including the abdominal wall muscles, symphysis pubis, bladder, urethra, external female genitals, vagina, cervix, uterine myometrium and endometrium with ovary, rectum, spinal segment with coccyx, muscles and blood vessels. This female pelvis model is supplied with a base for display in a classroom or doctor's surgery.

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