This valuable resource library available to anyone working to promote Health and Wellbeing in Stockton and is located in Redhill Family Hub, Redhill Road, Roseworth TS19 9BX

NOTE: the health library will be closed Friday 27 July 2018. Pre-ordered items can still be collected via Roseworth Library. Apologies for any convenience.

NEW OPENING HOURS: the library is now open Monday - Friday 9.00 - 15.00 (closed for lunch 12.30 to 13.30 daily). Please note: in addition you may collect pre-ordered items and return items via Roseworth Library daily until 16.30 (16.00 on Fridays). For your convenience you may also collect and return items at selected Branch Libraries in Stockton. Please contact the Library on 01642 526933 if you would like to select this option.

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Featured Resources

Fruit and Vegetable Bean Bags

Healthy eating for youngsters is a primary concern in our borough, and these brightly coloured plush fruit and vegetable bean bags will help get the message across; so, make "corny" jokes, present themes with great "a-peel", and make sure kids know that eating fruits and vegetables is "berry" important. These six fruit and six vegetable beanbags all have cute expressions and make nutrition fun.

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Sugar Coated (HealthEdco)

Are the foods you eat a little too sweet? With ten models of common foods and corresponding sugar-filled test tubes this display allows you to compare the amount of sugar in each food and reveals the not-so-sweet truth that added sugar consumption stacks up fast and can easily pack on extra weight. Also includes a tent card, ten food cards with nutritional information carrying case and reproducible handout. Test tube pack is in seperate carry bag within this item.

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Sippy Cup Full of Sugar (HealthEdco)

Awaken parents to the fact that drinks are the largest source of added sugar in many children’s diets. The decayed teeth model engulfed in the sweet and sticky goo in this display is a reminder that too much added sugar can cause health problems including tooth decay and obesity. Accompanying tent card lists the health problems caused by too much added sugar, provides facts about the scope of the problem, and includes tips for limiting added sugar consumption. Sippy cup is 2" x 6".

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Rethink your Drink

Features ten popular drinks this chart graphically shows how many teaspoons of sugar are contained in each beverage and urges viewers to be aware of how much sugar they are drinking.  Keeping track of overall sugar consumption can be an important part of eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight. Featuring ten popular drinks-including orange juice, a fruit smoothie, an energy drink, and more -this chart graphically shows how many teaspoons of sugar are contained in each beverage and urges viewers to be aware of how much sugar they are drinking. Laminated. 46 cm x 61 cm.

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Hidden Sugar Facts Test Tubes

Demonstrates the sugar content of ten common foods including chocolate milk , sports drinks and fruit yogurt.  Helps to raise awareness about sugar consumption.  Includes ten test tubes, display rack and tent card in a nylon carrying case and informative, photocopyable handout. Americanised but gets the message across

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Energy Crisis Display (HealthEdco)

This resource aims to raise awareness of the dangers of energy drinks. Modeled on five popular energy drinks and featuring clever satirical labels, these models give viewers a quick shot of reality: Energy drinks can cause weight gain, rapid heart rate, sleeplessness, and other serious health problems—especially when mixed with alcohol. 

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What's New

July includes Health Information Week (2-8) and we have some wonderful resources to support healthy eating amongst many other things:

A full list of Health Campaigns can be found at:

We have selected resources in our stock supporting these campaigns, among many others, please browse the catalogue to see availabilty.