This valuable resource library available to anyone working to promote Health and Wellbeing in Stockton-on-Tees and is located in Redhill Family Hub, Redhill Road, Roseworth TS19 9BX

The library is open Monday-Wednesday 9-15.00, Thursday 9-16.30, Friday 9-16.00 (closed for lunch daily 12.30-13.00). Please note: in addition you may collect pre-ordered items and return items via Roseworth Library daily until 16.30 (16.00 on Fridays). For your convenience you may also collect and return items at selected Branch Libraries in Stockton. Please contact the Library on 01642 526933 if you would like to select this option.

For further information please contact: Donna Hetherington on 01642 526933 or Email

Featured Resources


The Effects and Hazards of Alcohol (Health Edco)

This folding display depicts and explains the effects of alcohol on the body. Discusses signs of alcohol abuse, reproductive system damage, and foetal alcohol syndrome. Also covers drinking and driving, alcohol and violence, and more.  Useful question and answer sheet too. 147 cm x 57 cm opened.

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Abuse Booze and Lose Display (Health Edco)

Perfect for any alcohol education programme, this set of nine life-size alcohol bottles provide a fun and engaging way to teach the cold, hard facts about alcohol abuse. Each bottle features a parody label that covers one of the potential social and physical consequences of alcohol abuse, such as sexually transmitted infections, poor academic performance, drink-driving collisions, distorted judgement, and more. Made of plastic, the bottles are safe to use in the classroom. A great way to reach any group about the dangers of alcohol abuse.

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Dry January (Balance) A3

A3 poster asking - Can you stay off the booze for 31 days? - to encourage an alcohol free start to the year. With contact information.

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What is a Unit? 3D Display (Health Edco)

The five 3-D models in this display are designed to help people understand how many units are in popular alcoholic drinks. The beer glass, wine glass, cocktail glass, whisky glass, and alcopop clearly demonstrate that the number of units can add up quickly. Each glass shows how much of the beverage constitutes one unit as well as how many total units are in the glass. Comes with a 25 cm x 38 cm display board that looks like a serving tray, provides places for each of the models to rest, and contains further information.

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The Pickled Liver (Health Edco)

Healthy liver tissue is smooth but the BIOLIKE 2TM liver model floating ominously in this specimen jar shows the long-term effects of cirrhosis--scar tissue and nodules cover its surface like giant scales. The jar also contains a pickled gerkin for comparison. 12 cm x 20 cm.

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