This valuable resource library available to anyone working to promote Health and Wellbeing in Stockton-on-Tees and is located in Redhill Family Hub, Redhill Road, Roseworth TS19 9BX

The library is open Monday-Wednesday 9-15.00, Thursday 9-16.30, Friday 9-16.00 (closed for lunch daily 12.30-13.00). Please note: in addition you may collect pre-ordered items and return items via Roseworth Library daily until 16.30 (16.00 on Fridays). For your convenience you may also collect and return items at selected Branch Libraries in Stockton. Please contact the Library on 01642 526933 if you would like to select this option.

For further information please contact: Donna Hetherington on 01642 526933 or Email

Featured Resources


Cervical Screening (A Smear Test). The Facts (JCCT)

A handy sized fold out leaflet detailing facts about cervical screening in the UK including what happens at a screening and where to get further information and support.

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Cervical Screening Can Stop Cancer Before it Starts (A4) PHE

Poster to remind women to attend their cervical screening.

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Know Your Body, Spot Cancer Early, Cervical Cancer (CRUK)

Whether you've heard about it from a friend or family member, seen it on the news, or are just curious: if you want to know more about spotting the signs of cervical cancer, this leaflet is for you.

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What is a Unit? 3D Display (Health Edco)

The five 3-D models in this display are designed to help people understand how many units are in popular alcoholic drinks. The beer glass, wine glass, cocktail glass, whisky glass, and alcopop clearly demonstrate that the number of units can add up quickly. Each glass shows how much of the beverage constitutes one unit as well as how many total units are in the glass. Comes with a 25 cm x 38 cm display board that looks like a serving tray, provides places for each of the models to rest, and contains further information.

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Dry January (Alcohol Change UK) A4

A4 poster supporting the Dry january campaign. With app and contact information.

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Alcohol (HE)

Follow alcohol abuse’s destructive path through the body with this eye-catching chart to reinforce the point that alcohol misuse can damage practically every organ. Uses graphic imagery to reveal some of the harmful effects of alcohol abuse, such as intestinal cancer, liver failure, impotence and infertility, and more. Perfect for pupil education. Laminated. 61 cm x 91 cm.


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